A New Content Strategy Framework, Based on Personality Type

In your Marketing Personality Type Full Report, you’ll find what your best content FORMAT will be, based on your personality type. Written word, audio, video, long-form, short-form, etc. That’s been so helpful to so many who’ve downloaded their Full Report. And now I’ve just uncovered something else—a NEW Content Strategy Framework based on personality type.  

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Brit’s April 2020 Debrief

The other day, I was writing this Instagram post, which had me reflecting on a really great memory that came out of this current season of pandemic and it got me thinking – hey, it’s almost time to do my monthly debrief exercise. And THEN, I thought, hey it’d kinda be cool to share my

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You are not behind.

I shared with you last week that I wasn’t going to be publishing any new content in the month of April, simply to give myself some space and time to develop a consistent content schedule for my writing and let the actual writing to flow through of me / shake out of me / violently thrash its

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