Here's how to PREPARE for the Workshop

What to do BEFORE the Workshop

  • Get your Marketing Personality Type Full Report here (Not mandatory but trust me, it'll make mapping so much easier.) 
  • Read through your Marketing Personality Type Full Report, paying special attention to Section 2, where it shows you Map Templates and Examples for your Type
  • Decide what tool(s) you'll use to map your strategy. Pen and paper are totally cool! If you want to go more digital, I most recommend Lucid Chart. Free tools like Google Slides and Google docs work too. 

How to CONNECT to the Workshop

I'll email you the morning of the Workshop - September 25, 2019 - with a Zoom link. At the time of the Workshop - 1pm EDT - click that link and you'll be connected to the Zoom room with video and audio automatically OFF. 

You may choose to turn your video on if you'd like or keep it off the entire time. 

If you've never used Zoom before, click here to download the free software so you're ready to go at Workshop time. 

Any other questions, please email